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Team Rescues Mother Cat And Kittens From Trash Compactor

Pueblo, Colorado – A feline family was rescued from a potentially deadly situation last week thanks to observant PetSmart employees who alerted the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR). According to the animal welfare agency, the employees had been feeding the mother cat and noticed that her kittens were starting to play in the trash compactor.

The shelter said:

That’s no place for any kitty family, so our Pueblo Wellness team jumped into action. They set a trap for momma and her babies, and within half a day, the entire family was humanely trapped and brought to HSPPR for safe keeping!

The shelter commended the PetSmart employees, writing:

Because the PetSmart team kept a careful eye on these guys, they were all relatively healthy. However, the kittens were a little hissy, so we placed them in a foster home for some socialization and snuggles. As for momma, she’s was adopted into her new family this week!

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  1. The employees of a Petsmart were feeding the mamma and knew about the kittens and did nothing to save them until they were endangered? The longer the kittens live without human socialization, the more feral they become and less adoptable. The moment kittens are spotted they should be grabbed and placed with a rescue along with mom of course. Petsmart employees did the right thing thank goodness but waiting a little too long if you ask me. Their business is caring for animals for God Sakes. And most Petsmarts have rescues that come in and do cat adoptions. They should have known to call for help straight away instead of just feeding the cats.

    • Uhhh have you heard of PetSmart throwing away LIVE animals in the trash? They could care less. Also, depending where you live there is no hope or help for animals like the current state I live in. They are better off feral as cats can survive more than dogs. The shelters are bursting at the seams and I spayed half the colony of ferals around my neighborhood and some are friendly and the shelters did not take them. Shelters can mean a death sentence since no ones adopting or living in a cage till they die (if a no kill shelter) which to me is just as bad. Sometimes they are better off on the street. Although cats should not be dumped as they kill a lot of wildlife, but this is all a human caused issue which can easily be solved. If they started outlawing breeding and mandatory spay like the Netherlands we wouldn’t have this issue, but of course ignorant fucks and greediness.

      • 100% true. The amount of perfectly healthy cats that are euthanized in shelters is absolutely disgusting. Just last week Devore Animal Shelter euthanized a mom and her 2 week old babies because the shelter had no space for them. TNR is a life saver for cats but unfortunately governments don’t care enough to enforce it and illegalize kill shelters.

    • All the Kitties will do fine — they were gotten to just in time — they’re still young and now in Foster Care where they’ll get all the socialization they need — I’ve had experience with way older feral Cats who, once indoors with Caretaker, begin to make huge improvements — they turn into such gentle sweeties — NEVER GIVE UP

  2. Spay/neuter and adopting for life are the answers to feline overpopulation along with, of course, humane education in respecting, protecting, and giving lifelong care to cats. Very grateful that this family were helped. May they all have loving permanent persons/family/homes.

  3. I agree with Jade about the neutering and spaying, and as for the breeding part it’s terrible as most of those are only doing it for the money.



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