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‘Sweetest Boy’ Recuperating After Being Shot In The Head

Louisville, KY – A sweet puppy is recuperating from a gunshot wound to his head. According to Louisville Metro Animal Services, the eight-month-old pup, dubbed Magic, was picked up by an animal control officer and brought to the shelter.

On Tuesday, the agency said:

Magic was found with a gunshot wound to his head and an animal control officer brought him in. He is in great spirits and is currently being treated by our vet department.

The animal welfare agency describes Magic’s injuries from the gunshot:

Magic’s jaw was broken when the bullet entered above his right eye and exited on the left side. He’s on pain meds and being fed by syringe.

Despite the trauma that Magic has been through, and his obvious pain, he is described as “the sweetest boy” who gets up to greet anyone who comes to see him.

Magic will be transferred to the care of the Kentucky Humane Society for what is expected to be a lengthy recovery.

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