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Sweetest Adoption, How A Shelter Cat Named Nelson Mended A Broken Heart

The loss of a beloved pet can be devastating and for a time, it may seem that the hearts broken by the loss of a companion simply cannot be mended. But one woman in Niagara, New York, recently met a shelter cat that filled her hurting heart with joy.

The Niagara SPCA shared the sweet story of Mary, and a shelter cat named Nelson, on Wednesday, writing:

This was one of the sweetest adoptions we’ve seen in a while. While recovering from a broken heart due to the recent loss of her cat, Mary decided to pay us a visit. She walked into our cat room and as soon as she saw Nelson, she burst into tears. At first, we didn’t know what was the matter, but then she explained to us that Nelson is the spitting image of her cat who passed.

According to the shelter, the resemblance between Nelson and Mary’s prior cat was “uncanny,” but there was more to the encounter that made the pair’s meeting special. The shelter wrote:

To say Nelson has been a bit of curmudgeon here would be an understatement. He definitely gave our staff a run for their money and the cat we knew wasn’t the cat that sat calmly and sweetly on Mary’s lap. It was as if he were saying- this is my person. 

It was clear that Mary and Nelson were destined to meet one another. Thanks to a fee-waived adoption event, Mary and Nelson found one another, but as the shelter stated, it doesn’t mean that Nelson is worth less, in fact, he is priceless to his new owner, Mary.

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  1. Lovely connection here was made-perhaps with the help of the spirit of her previous cat, who knows but it helped heal this lady’s heart and just as important gave this cat Nelson a home. What more could you ask for?

  2. This story did my heart good. With all the things going on in this world today we need loving endings like this . 😊😁



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