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Sweet, Young Dog Overlooked And In Imminent Danger Of Being Euthanized

Devore, CA – A friendly, young German shepherd mix named Taylor has been overlooked at the Devore Animal Shelter where she is in danger of being euthanized. Taylor has been at the shelter facility since February 11 and nobody has stepped up to save her life.

Advocates who have met the year-old dog report that she is friendly and good with other dogs. Despite her many attributes, she has been bypassed by potential adopters and she is at risk of being killed.

At the shelter, Taylor tries her best to reach visitors…desperate for the touch of a kind human hand. Taylor does not deserve the fate she has been handed. She is a young dog who deserves to run, play, and love. Most importantly, she deserves to live.

Please share her information before she is gone forever.

ID# A793303
Located: Devore Shelter
Name: My name is Taylor.
Description: I am a black and tan, unaltered female, who looks like a German Shepherd Dog.
Age: I am estimated to be 1 year and 2 months old.
More Info: I am in kennel D 45.
I have been at the shelter since Feb 11, 2024.
I was found near 3900 Block Rosena Ranch Rd in Devore.

Location: San Bernardino County – Devore Shelter
Phone Number: (909) 386-9820
Address: 19777 Shelter Way
Devore, CA 92407

Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the shelter. Animal Victory is not the point of contact and has no affiliation with this dog, or this shelter facility.

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