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Sweet Shepherd Saved From Neglect And Isolation And Shelter Hopes To Find Her A Loving Home

Santa Cruz, CA -A gentle German shepherd has recovered from a life of isolation and neglect and the shelter caring for her is hoping that she can join a loving family who will spoil her for the remainder of her life. The six-year-old dog is Elsa, and she is one of 12 dogs who were rescued from a cockfighting operation in February.

When the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter first took Elsa in, she was suffering from a lifetime of neglect, including dry leathery skin, fleas, infected ears and broken teeth.

But good food, veterinary care, and love have turned Elsa’s life around and now she is ready to be adopted. Elsa is the shelter’s pet of the week and a portion of her biography reads:

Despite her past she is the sweetest dog with people and coexists wonderfully with other dogs- she would probably fit in a home with another dog if they meet before adoption. Elsa is very tolerant of handling by people and by more invasive veterinary handling. A home with respectful children might be a fit and though we do not have a history of Elsa with cats, with a slow introduction she would most likely be fine with a dog savvy cat in the home. If you are looking for the gentlest pup to spoil and give a wonderful home to please come and meet Elsa! This dog has a heart of gold and is waiting for the perfect match!

If you are interested in spoiling Elsa for the rest of her life, please visit the shelter’s website to learn more. 

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  1. Thank you for rescuing this sweet little Elsa. I hope you find a good
    home for her. You do such a great job. Thank you.



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