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Sweet Shelter Dog Insisted That Tiny Homeless Kitten Join Her Litter

Jackson County, Michigan – Days ago, a sweet mother dog at a Jackson County animal shelter took in a homeless kitten as one of her own. The Jackson Couty Animal Shelter describes how the dog, named Kela, insisted that the kitten join her:

We didn’t offer her the kitten, she INSISTED she NEEDED him. The kitten just came in today and it was crying in a box and she wouldn’t leave the door leading to the kitten. We knew she just ate, has water, already went out to potty minutes earlier… but kept scratching at the door.

The shelter describes what happened when the door was opened to the area where the kitten was being held:

We opened it up to ask what she wanted and she RAN straight to the kitten in the box. After some discussion with the dog and our team, we put the kitten in her pool and ONLY THEN did she lay back down in her pool with all the babies. She instantly started cleaning him.

The tiny kitten stopped crying after joining Kela’s canine family. As of Thursday, the entire family was enjoying life at a foster home. The shelter writes:

Kela FINALLY chose her foster home! (She was quite selective) After turning down several great offers, she, along with her puppies AND kitten are settling into their own little paradise!
We are so grateful for our amazing community that opens their hearts and homes to our pets!

Follow the animal shelter’s Facebook page at this link.

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