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Sweet, Senior Cat Held At Shelter For More Than A Year

Philadelphia, PA – On May 16, the Pennsylvania SPCA posted a photo of a beautiful senior cat named Parsnip, explaining to Facebook followers that she had been waiting for a home for more than a year.

The animal welfare agency said that Parsnip has had little interest during her stay, despite her big heart. They write:

When walking by her kennel, it’s hard not to think one thing- “Poor Parsnip”.

For over a year, Parsnip has lived at our shelter. She greets every person she meets with the sweetest meows and purrs as soon as gentle hand starts petting her. She will sit in a lap for hours, simply enjoying the company.

Parsnip has some age-related maladies, but nothing too extreme for her to enjoy a real home and family:

Being almost 14 years old, she expectedly comes with senior woes. Her coat may not be the most well-kept and she can drool an impressive amount. She sometimes gets a stuffy nose and needs a special diet to keep her GI tract moving smoothly.

Given Parsnip’s advanced age, she would prefer being the only cat in the home.

Please contact the shelter directly if you are interested in giving Parsnip a home!

Shelter address: 350 E Erie Ave, Philadelphia, PA, United States, Pennsylvania

Shelter phone: (215) 426-6300

Shelter Email:

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  1. Was it the someone at the shelter who christened her w/ that stupid name. After a year she probably thinks of the shelter as her home, is it possible to let live out her life at the shelter among all the people she’s familiar with. “Instead of walking by her kennel & it being hard not to think, Poor Parsnipโ€ why not, don’t force her to go thru the trauma of going to a strange new home & let her just remain as the Shelter’s pet cat?

    She’s familiar w/ everyone there, all she needs is a litter pan & cushion to sleep on behind the office desk somewhere. & if she becomes too aged & incapacitated she’s right where she could be humanely euthanized if need be or die peacefully in familiar surroundings. Think about it. Instead of just saying, Poor Parsnip.

    • because shelters dont truly care for cats. At least in California. they try to get rid of them. Their paid workers are often animal haters. Heard of so many abuse cases from rescues that have to pull cats out of these hell organizations sucking on city budgets

      • Unfortunately I too live in this God forsaken state! If I lived anywhere near PA Iโ€™d be on my way to get her. ๐Ÿ˜”

  2. It is an unfortunate reality that older cats especially ones with health issues are overlooked in favour of younger cats. People forget that younger cats just like us become old cats and are just as loveable at that age as when they were younger. I agree in this case if this older cat is constantly being overlooked then why not make her the resident cat and give her the freedom of the rescue and live out her final years out among the employees of the rescue instead of incarcerated in a cage.

  3. There are great people out there who will take in Seniors — continue to HOLD onto Parsnip — let’s get the word out — Seniors are beautiful Animals — Parsnip is gorgeous —

  4. I adore senior cats! They are my favourites. I wish I was in the US, I’d take Parsnip in a heartbeat. Poor baby ๐Ÿ™

  5. heartbroken this precious girl is in US as id have taken her in a heartbeat. i love old crocks, they are so grateful for being loved at last they are amazing and giving them a great if short life is so satisfying. she would be adored for the rest of her days. i hope someone takes pity on this lovely old lady



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