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Sweet Pup Confused After Her Adoptive Family Returned Her To Shelter Where She Was Born

Adams County, WA – A sweet pup named Lulu is confused after finding herself back at the Othello, WA, animal shelter where she was born. The beautiful shepherd mix pup was adopted to a family, but they have decided that they do not have time for her now, and she is once again in search of a home.

Lulu is no longer a fluffy puppy, but she is still adorable and sweet. Adams County Pet Rescue says:

Lulu is amazingly sweet and is trying to figure out what happened and why she’s at a shelter. She walks very well on a leash but was so scared by the barking dogs, we had to carry her the first few times through the shelter.
She was raised with kids, gets along well with cats and other dogs, friendly with strangers. Lulu can be left at home without destroying the house and also crates well.

This sweet girl is scared and confused. The sooner she is adopted to a committed, loving family, the better.

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Lulu/Nugget: 1 yr 2 months, Shep mix, female, 45.2 pounds
Location: Othello, WA

Note: Please direct all inquiries about this dog to the shelter facility. Animal Victory has no affiliation with this dog or this facility.

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  1. LuLu sounds like THE perfect dog, is even calm and nondestructive when home alone, gets along with everyone, aside from being adorable looking. Another “oh boy, let’s get a fun puppy” family who didn’t want “it” when she grew up? Disgusting. But at least they didn’t just kick her out onto the mean streets. Still, they broke her heart. If only people who do not LOVE and respect dogs would not inflict themselves on dogs.

  2. Yep, another bunch of worthless people who want a puppy and then decide it’s too much trouble. Humans can be so sickening!! The poor innocent dog ends up suffering.

  3. Pretty slick this place shows you a small little puppy to pull at your heart strings, then springs the big girl on you. Either way, sounds like this shelter got the tables turned on them with these pathetic adopter impostors. I would say, put Lulu on a private plane and fly her here to us in Florida, where we would give her the most love, attention and beautiful home ever. A beautiful pool for her daily swims!
    Love, love love fenced in yard,,she’d be spoiled for sure. She’d never have to be confused about her life again..We are retired but not old where we can’t love and give full attention..

    • Why not show her as a pup? The big girl is beautiful and sweet too. There’s contact info up there if you’re interested in adopting LuLu.

    • I will say put your stupid Floridian ass on a plane and fly out here to this great shelter.The first pic was of this baby When she Was a Puppy.Now these people returned her because she was growing into a beautiful adult dog.The family that earns the privilege of adopting her will be grateful to get her.Oh I think the assessment that dumped her moved to South Florida.

  4. People Need To Really Think Before They Adopt a Pet. It’s a Huge Responsibility. It’s Not a Doll. You Have To have the Appropriate Accommodations, Feed and Water the Animal, Pay for Vet Services, Play and Pay Attention, Walk the Dog, Just Give the Animal a Great Home.. You can’t just take it home and Forget about it..or Starve and Beat it to Death.. UGHHH. Some Adults Need To Grow Up !! I find that some People these days are so Immature; even in their 60’s.

  5. No time? What’s wrong with these brainless people? Thank God the puppy came back, that’s so much better then living with such scumbags!!!



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