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‘Sweet, Gentle Old Man’ Finally Adopted After 7 Years

Jackson County, NC – A senior dog named Mitch has finally found a home of his own after spending seven years at a North Carolina animal shelter. Nearly two years ago, the animal welfare agency described Mitch in a Facebook post, writing:

Have you ever known a kind, gentle old man who was sweet but also stubborn and set in his ways? Or maybe someone who loves to just lounge around, bask in the sun, and share company and companionship and nice long naps? That’s Mitch, our longest-term resident at our no-kill shelter.

And now the shelter’s longest resident will be enjoying long naps with his new owners, who fell in love with him after seeing a video that was posted to the shelter’s TikTok account.


Mitch is our longest term resident, and we’re all hoping this sweet boy finds a warm safe home to spend his senior years in. If you think you might be Mitch’s forever human we hope you give us a call. ❤️ #animalshelter #northcarolina #dog #adoptabledogs #adoptadog #seniordog #animaladoption

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Mitch’s new mom, Teresa Shular tells WLOS News:

“I cried when I watched it the first time. I cried when I watched it the second time. I thought about it and prayed about it for a few days.”

Shelter Director David Stroud said:

“I believe that if Mitch has a message for all of us, it’s just that: never give up.”

Animal Victory is thrilled that this sweet senior dog was finally chosen. Enjoy your new home and family Mitch!

Find the shelter’s Facebook page at this link.

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