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Sweet Cat In Need Of A Home After Owner Moved To A Nursing Home

Conway, South Carolina – A beautiful cat, described as sweet, gentle, and loving, is in need of a new home after her owner was moved into a nursing home. The Safe Haven 4 Cats SC group is hoping to find Luna Cottontail a “mature and quiet” home to spend the rest of her life in.

The group writes:

A gentle and loving girl who starts shy but quickly warms up to gentle attention and petting, revealing her sweet and nature! She’s quiet and calm and loved lounging in cozy spots and in front of a window, soaking in the warmth of the sun, and sharing quiet moments with those she trusts.

The original post on Luna Cottontail’s behalf was made in April:

Meet Luna Cottontail, a charming, approximately seven-year-old female cat with a heart as pure as her pristine white fur. Luna Cottontail’s journey has brought her to a new chapter in her life, seeking a loving home after her previous owner had to move to a nursing home, leaving Luna Cottontail in need of a caring family.

This beautiful girl is already spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped, and she is negative for feline leukemia and feline aids. All she needs is someone to love her.

If you are interested, please contact Safe Haven 4 Cats SC at

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  1. This is every pet owners nightmare … what is going to happen to my pet when I die or become too incapacitated to look after them. It is a difficult reality to face but owners should try ahead of time to try to make arrangements for someone if possible to take care of their pets in such scenarios. It is a Lille more comforting than this case where you hope the cat finds another loving home quickly but you donโ€™t know and that is heartwrenching.

    • Agreed. i change my Will every time I get a new cat, or add a cat. So far I have someone who will take my cat(s) and since she’s the same age as me, her daughter is secondary to take them. Provisions should be made for our beloved pets, and if we don’t have, or don’t trust anyone, contact a sanctuary. If you give them a certain amount of a donation they will allow you to put them in your Will to take care of your pet after you depart this world.

  2. I already made arrangements in my will for a trusted relative, who is an animal lover and fosterer, to take whatever pets I have when I die. I completely trust her to find the right homes. I even set aside some money for them. I am also the designated caretaker of some of my friends with pets. They know I will do right by them.

  3. Kudos to the ladies above for taking the time to make arrangements for the care of their pets should the unthinkable happen.Wish more people would do this if it is possible for them to do so.



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