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Surveillance Video Shows Dog Being Tied To Shelter Door In Freezing Temps

Eau Claire, Wis. – Surveillance video at the Eau Claire County Humane Association shows the heartbreaking moment that a dog was tied to the door of the closed shelter amidst freezing temperatures.

On Thursday, the shelter shared the video footage on its Facebook page, writing:

Some mornings aren’t very happy at the shelter. Today, we came in to find a sweet boy tied to our front door.
In the one minute clip from our cameras, you can see them drive up, tie the dog to the door, run back to their car and drive off. The dog had no idea what was going on, and you can see that he wanted to go with. It breaks our hearts.

After the animal welfare agency’s post blew up online and in the media, the dog’s owner came forward and formally surrendered the dog to the shelter. The shelter said that this will enable them to adopt the dog out faster:

We would like to thank the owner for contacting us and doing the right thing in surrendering the animal to us. It was very brave to call us and this action will help us be able to help Gus find a new home. Without this, ECCHA would be unable to adopt out the dog until the statutory legal stray hold has expired. 

You can find the adoptable animals at this shelter by clicking this link.

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