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Surrendered At 11 Years Of Age, Shelter Is Doing All They Can To Make Dog’s Last Days The Best They Can Be

Amherst, VA – A lovely dog named Dixie was surrendered to a Virginia animal shelter at 11 years of age. The Humane Society of Amherst County said that they were heartbroken that a senior dog lost her home, but they were devastated when they discovered that Dixie is in kidney failure.

But Dixie does not know that she is sick, and the shelter intends to make what remains of her life the best that it can be. The animal welfare agency said:

She is more than ready to go for walks but her favorite thing is car rides.
She went riding yesterday & today she went with Laura & Isaiah to McDonald’s.
She turned down McD’s but enjoyed the ride immensely with her head out like a free spirit.
Then another ride later in the day for bloodwork.

Explaining their intent:

Tomorrow we’re going on another adventure to the park to take in the outdoors.
We aren’t calling these “things on her bucket list” but rather making the most of each moment of each day.
Please keep our sweet senior in your prayers. We’re following all the doctors orders but we aren’t sure what her outcome will be. We do know it won’t be for a lack of trying.

You can follow Dixie’s condition, and her final adventures, at this link to the shelter’s Facebook page.

(Images via Facebook)

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