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Sudden And Unexpected Death Of Beloved Panda Leaves Zoo Staff Heartbroken

Memphis, TN – The sudden and unexpected death of a giant panda named Le Le has left staff at the Memphis Zoo heartbroken. The 25-year-old panda’s death was announced on Friday; he had been at the Memphis Zoo since 2003.

In a release, the zoo described the amiable panda’s personality, writing:

Le Le’s name translates to “happy happy”, and his name perfectly reflected his personality. Le Le was a happy bear that enjoyed apples, engaging with enrichment and relaxing while covering himself with freshly shredded bamboo. He had an easy-going personality and was a favorite of all who met and worked with him over the years.

In a news conference, zoo President and CEO Matt Thompson said that Le Le showed no signs of sickness before he died in his sleep last Wednesday. The cause of Le Le’s death remains under investigation.

Rest in peace Le Le.

(Images via screenshot YouTube/Memphis Zoo)

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