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Starving Horses, Deprived Of Food And Water, Rescued In Texas

Atascosa, Texas – Two starving horses are finally receiving care after deputies with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office responded to a tip about potential animal cruelty. According to the authorities, deputies and an Animal Cruelty Investigator responded to the location in the 10000 block of Silver Trail and observed two horses that appeared to be emaciated as they did not have any adequate food or water supply.

The “extremely thin” horses had resorted to eating bark from trees, and wood from their enclosure, in a desperate attempt to survive.

Deputies found a water bucket with algae and debris that the two horses were attempting to drink from.

The horses were seized and removed from the property; they were transported to a nearby veterinary office for further treatment and will be transported to Meadow Haven Horse Rescue and Sanctuary.

The situation remains under investigation.

Cases of potential animal cruelty in Bexar County can be reported at

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  1. I cant believe that any horse 🐎 owner would starve their own beautiful 🐎 🐎 horses this is unacceptable behavior, I am glad that they removed the horses from the property and that they are being cared for now properly.



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