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South Carolina Woman Charged After Police Called Out For ‘Dog Eating Another Dog’

Conway, SC – A woman from Conway, SC, is facing nine counts if ill treatment of animals. The police identify Charity Fowler, 38, as the person who badly neglected several dogs at a residence on Green Sea Road in the Loris area.

According to sources, police were called out for a report of “a dog eating another dog” and found a malnourished pit bulled tethered to a tree, and several puppies on a porch. The tethered dog, who had no food or water, had attacked one of the puppies.

As reported by WBTW News, Fowler was booked into the J. Reuben Long Detention Center and promptly released after posting bond.

No word on the fate of the dogs who were in Fowler’s care.

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  1. i hope that they don’t hurt the remaining dogs. just look at this creature. her eyes are dead like many of the scumbags we see posted on here. make sure she goes to jail although i would like to see her swinging from a tree.



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