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Someone Taped Two Cats Inside Of A Box And Abandoned Them With A Note

Bloomfield, NJ – Two cats are safe after someone taped them inside of a cardboard box and abandoned them at an apartment complex. On Wednesday, the Bloomfield Animal Shelter posted a photo of the abandoned cats, recounting the situation:

We wish their owners contacted us beforehand. We would’ve helped with food if it meant they could stay in their home. Instead, this box was left at a busy apartment complex with no owner information. Now, we’re left to mend their broken hearts, rebuild their trust, and help them regain a healthy weight.
It’s only up from here boys!

People leaving comments on the animal shelter’s Facebook post are split with regards to the sad situation. Some people have expressed dismay that the cats were abandoned, stating “pets are family,” while others have stated that the cats’ former owner may have been facing their own food insecurity.

The shelter reminds area residents that they are there to help in times of need. Abandoning pets is never the right answer.

(Images via Facebook)

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