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Social Media Saves The Day For Darling Dog Who Was Stood Up By Her Adopter

Dalton, GA – On Monday, an adorable dog named Autumn was dressed in her pretty seasonal sweater…prepared to go home with an adopter who chose her to be their new companion. But things did not go as planned.

In fact, the person who said they were coming to take Autumn home did not even bother calling shelter staff to let them know that plans had changed. Instead, they just stood her up. The Humane Society of NWGA said:

This gorgeous girl was all set to go home today and got stood up.😢 She was all dressed up in her pretty sweater waiting patiently for her new family.

The sad post hit the shelter’s Facebook followers hard. Who could do such a thing to such a deserving dog? But that dismay prodded people into action. The shelter’s post about Autumn was shared 1.6k times and garnered over 300 comments.

And social media did what social media does…Autumn’s information was shared virally and in short order, the shelter let everyone know that a new adopter had been found. The shelter said:

Thank you everyone for all the shares and offers to adopt Autumn. I have a wonderful family lined up to get her tomorrow.❤️❤️

Enjoy your new life Autumn!

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