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Social Media Darling, Ranger, Dies At Nearly 7 Years Of Age

Phoenix, AZ – A beloved, popular German shepherd with dwarfism has passed away. Ranger had a huge social media following – fans from near and far followed the “forever puppy” on Instagram and it was there that they learned of his passing.

Ranger’s owners shared the heartbreaking news on Tuesday, writing:

This is by far the hardest post we have ever had to make. Our sweet Ranger boy gained his angel wings on April 24th. Words cannot describe the impact Ranger had on our lives, he was truly the most special and one of a kind dog.

Despite Ranger’s small stature, he had the heart and demeanor of a full-sized German shepherd. But his condition came with a slew of health problems that were expected to shorten his life. His owners said:

From the beginning we were told that life expectancy is unknown but estimated to be 3-5 years.”

But he blew by the estimation and lived to be nearly seven years of age.

Seven years was still not enough…there is never enough time with a treasured friend. His owners said:

Ranger will forever have a piece of our hearts and his one of a kind personality will never be forgotten. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t miss his head tilts, talking, or his little hops. But, we find peace knowing his is with his other siblings and is running around having fun with them in doggy heaven. Until the day we all meet again. 🤍🪽

Rest easy Ranger.

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