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Sneaky Cat Accidentally ‘Sold’ With Couch

Vancouver, B.C. – A sneaky cat got more than she bargained for when she decided to hide in her owner’s couch. As reported by Global News, unbeknownst to her owner, Marley the cat was hiding inside of a sofa that he was selling on Facebook Marketplace.

Her owner, Matt Lumabi, thought that his cat had run away and was frantically searching for her, but his efforts were fruitless because she was nowhere near her home.

The couch sold on Facebook was sold AGAIN before Marley finally made her presence known. Thankfully, the buyer was able to reach Lumabi and let him know that his cat had been hiding in a “pouch” at the bottom of the couch.

Lumabi said:

“(The person I sold the couch to) messaged me and said (the new couch owners) found her. They said, ‘hey, there is a cat in the couch,’” he said. “I was calling vets, shelters, and the SPCA. I had a few sleepless nights.”

Fortunately, Marley was none-the-worse for wear from her ordeal and she has been reunited with her owner, who says that she is more “cuddly” than normal.

(Image via screenshot Global News video)

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