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Smokey, The Dog Nobody Wants – He Has Spent 3 Years In Shelter Without A Single Adoption Application

Philadelphia, PA – A bright-eyed dog named Smokey has a big smile and handsome face, but he is virtually invisible to potential adopters. Smokey is the longest resident at the Pennsylvania SPCA shelter, and he has had ZERO adoption applications over the course of his nearly three-year stay.

Yesterday, the shelter shared Smokey’s sad plight, writing:

In just three short days, Smokey will mark THREE YEARS in the shelter.

That’s 1095 days spent sleeping in a kennel. Countless hours waiting for someone to notice him.

And yet, he hasn’t had one single adoption meet in three years.

It is difficult to imagine how Smokey must feel. It is hard to fathom what being completely unwanted hurts his heart.

But the shelter is confident that there is someone out there who can see Smokey’s potential to be THEIR companion.

Smokey’s biography outlines his endearing personality:

This handsome pup is still as happy as can be. Smokey’s motto is “go big or go home” and he loves to go big, doing everything with his whole entire heart. When he cuddles, he presses so tight against his person so they can feel just how much he loves them. When he plays, his eyes are always on the price. And when he snacks, he is a champion eater. He may live life on a fast pace, but the good new is that this includes falling in love with you! It doesn’t take much to be Smokey’s person and in return you will get all of his devotion.

Smokey is best suited to a home without other pets. If you are interested in learning more, please email adoptions@pspca.org.

Find Smokey’s bio here.

Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the shelter. Animal Victory is not the point of contact and has no affiliation with this dog or this facility. Thank you.

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  1. HOLD onto Smokey — he’s a sweetie — Someone great will ADOPT — HOLD onto him — be PATIENT — HOLD HOLD HOLD her — we love Smokey — keep SHARING —

  2. Smokey, the DOG Nobody Wants – Has Spent 3 yrs In Shelter Without A Single Adoption Application — HOLD onto him — he’s a sweetie — Someone great will ADOPT — HOLD onto him — be PATIENT — HOLD HOLD HOLD him — we love Smokey — keep SHARING —

  3. The article does not say anything about Smokey being a danger to other pets!! Could be he plays too rough!! He will find his “parents” if the SPCA puts out an ad with him in a neckerchief, a hat, perhaps sunglasses, if they want him adopted!! It didn’t say anything about that!! But it could be people in the north are afraid of black dogs, seems they get adopted last!! I have no preference in the color of a dog, none whatsoever, AND NO ONE ELSE SHOULD!!!!!!!

  4. Poor Smokey. Apparently he’s a danger to other pets as implied in the article. I sure hope he finds his proper home now with someone who will love and care for him always and who knows how to deal with dogs that may harm other animals. It’s not his fault…people bred this into “fighting” dogs, for “entertainment.” 😡


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