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Six Dogs Found Dead In U-Haul Parked At Vegas Hospital

Las Vegas, NV – On Tuesday afternoon, in the midst of the Las Vegas summer heat, six dogs were found dead in the back of U-Haul truck parked outside of the Mountain View Hospital. Police were initially called when a passerby saw a distressed dog locked in the U-Haul.

Responding police officers were able to break out a window and saved the dog, but six more deceased dogs were found in the back of the locked truck, reports Fox Vegas.

A burgundy SUV was parked nearby with two dogs and two cats inside; officers removed them from the vehicle and they were in good condition because the A/C had been left on inside of the car. The SUV is believed to be affiliated with the person in charge of the U-Haul truck.

The owner of the animals, identified as Christopher R. Winter, 53, was arrested and taken to jail. The surviving animals were taken to a local rescue group for care.

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  1. Tell me, WHAT was a man doing with 2 VEHICLES with dogs in them at the same time?? Evidently he was the owner of those dogs, he found those dogs, or he was transporting the dogs!! I am curious about this though!! Now if it were me, he would spend what time he had in the back of the truck just to see how hot it can get in those trucks!! NO food or water!! But it is the will of the law that he go to a trial where some infidel judge will sentence him to nothing, charge him very little, and be done with it!! I go by what I know, GOD will see to it that this man suffers as much or more than those dogs did!!!

  2. Animals experience alot of what humans experience so this action by the owner was cruelty and negligence to the T unbelievable these poor beautiful dogs the penalty must be the max in every way.

  3. The filthy pos monster deserves the same treatment! This is a tragedy that should have never happened. Sick, evil piece of garbage!!

  4. The braindead and soulless should never be allowed within a mile of any animal, in other words they should not exist, to put it nicely.

    • I think that is what should be done to anyone who leave a child or a pet inside a hot car…put them in the car and they have to endure the same amount of time the victim did or until they are just about to pass out. Maybe then lesson learned.

    • The dirt bag of an owner should get the same sentence what a dumb d#ckhead Those animals should never have been in his care Useless,cruelty,evil, cold,soulless being. Karma will come for him it always does!!


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