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Sign: Demand Justice for Innocent Kitten Tortured and Killed in Brutal Microwave Attack

Sign: Demand Justice for Innocent Kitten Tortured and Killed in Brutal Microwave Attack

Published: May 19, 2023, at 06:41 PM Author: Penny Eims


Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) – An Edmonton family is mourning the loss of their adorable kitten, Cheech, who was killed in an unspeakable act of cruelty. Someone broke into the Piche family home while they were away; the intruder(s) ransacked the residence, writing on walls, defecating on the floor, and brutally torturing seven-month-old Cheech, who was found dead in the microwave.

Cheech’s owner, Erica, described the unbearable sight she was met with upon returning home:

”The door was open and my cat was half hanging out. There was blood everywhere. If you saw him, you would think that’s exactly what happened.”

She added:

“It was a very bad sight. It’s one image I’m never going to get out of my head.”

The kitten, described as “cuddly and caring,” had been cooked alive. Erica told Global News that the microwave’s blinking timer had 16 or 17 minutes remaining when she came home.

Edmonton Humane Society CEO Liza Sunley said:

“This is a horrific act of cruelty, and our hearts go out to the family who lost their beloved cat and witnessed the aftermath of this disturbing assault. We are thankful that Edmonton has a dedicated Animal Cruelty Investigation Unit (ACIU) who is taking this investigation seriously.”

Whoever did this to Cheech must be found and punished. This twisted act of cruelty is truly depraved and the person(s) responsible must be charged and put in jail because they are CLEARLY a danger to society. Animal Victory is hoping to raise funds for a reward to help identify Cheech’s killer, and when that person(s) is found, we will be seeking justice. Please add your name to the petition today!

The Edmonton Humane Society’s Animal Cruelty Investigation Unit is hoping to identify whoever is responsible and they encourage anyone with information to contact the Edmonton Police Department.


Edmonton Humane Society Press Release

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  1. You know the law just slaps trash like this in jail for a couple of months, if we’re real lucky. When we should be able to do closer to what they did to these precious babies.
    And don’t give me this I should be more forgiving, I am going to have to leave that one up to God.

  2. Sick bastard should get the death penalty in the same manner and the sooner we start treating them like the vile shit they are the better a place the world would be.

    • Totally agree with Shirley & Charley. This Human Filth should be treated with the EXACT SAME HORRIFIC CRUELTY that he treated the defenceless kitten. I am sick and tired to death of these maggots getting away with what they do to innocent animals.

  3. The people who abuse animals should be subjected to the same torture as they did to the animals, and if not why not?



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