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Sheriff’s Office Releases Statement About Possible Mistreatment Of Injured Horse

Marathon County, Wisconsin – On Thursday, the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office issued a news release about a horse, in the Town of Ringle, who was possibly being mistreated. According to the authorities, concerns about neglect or mistreatment were sparked on social media after video and photos were circulated showing an injured rear leg.

The images show a leg that appears to be bloodied and severely injured.

The authorities have stated that a veterinarian came out to the property to examine the horse, and determined that the injury is “consistent with a cut from barbed wire fencing” and it is being treated with a red salve.

The release states:

The veterinarian indicated that the wound is healing but will take time due to the horse being nearly 30 years old. Additionally, the veterinarian stated that the owner who is known to take in rescue or injured horses is providing proper medical attention and will continue to administer the bandages and salve. The veterinarian has prescribed additional antibiotics and will follow-up in a few days to continue monitoring the injury.

The authorities determined that there is no mistreatment and as such, there will be no criminal charges.


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  1. Unforgivable to let an innocent live in that kind of pain for all his life. This person is heartless who could do such a thing. Arrest them. Felony abuse. This is horrific!

      • she read i guess …but are you think seeing this ALMOST gangrene wound was treated well enough ???????????????????????????????????? IT WAS NOT TREATED AT ALL or maybe done once something…are you think who loves animals would allow the wound become so horrible??? I’m vet doctor and i see it was not done any treatment…Nora is RIGHT

  2. Well it doesn’t look like the horse had seen any type of treatment in the photo, possibly after the photo was taken. I don’t believe there was no abuse here, the leg looks like it’s severely infected and untreated.

    • EXACT, NO TREATMENT ever was done, the wound became almost gangrene….HOW THEY ALLOW this poor horse to feel such a pain for so long time, EVIL , HUMONSTERS…Nora is RIGHT , JAIL may help to tech to do things right way

  3. so so sad, these innocent animals who cannot speak to defend themselves and some evil souless beings abusing them for no reason at all! Let this abuse and cruelty end on this earth plane forever!



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