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Sheriff’s Office Announces Unexpected Loss Of Treasured K9

Maricopa County, AZ – The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has announced the unexpected passing of a treasured K9 named Kimbo. According to a release from the agency, Kimbo, a four-year-old Belgian Malinois, was found “unresponsive” on May 1.

The agency said:

Kimbo was transported to one of our K9 Veterinarians who determined the cause of death to be Splenic Torsion, and ‘bloat’.

Those who knew Kimbo are mourning his loss. The agency said he was, “a powerhouse of a dog, amazing partner, and a symbol for the ideal police canine.”


He deployed in numerous SWAT missions, assisted patrol districts across Maricopa County and kept his partner Deputy Stryker safe daily. You will be missed K9 Kimbo but never forgotten! Please keep Deputy Stryker and our K-9 unit in your thoughts as they process this loss.

In lieu of flowers donations can be made if so desired to our K-9 unit at funds received are used to purchase ballistic K9 vest for future dogs as well as fund a retired K9 medical account.

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  1. Did this “unexpected” death stem from a “training” injury? A favorite method of “correction” is a hard upward kick to the dog’s midsection. AI query response regarding bloat in general:

    Bloat caused by hard kick:
    Bloating caused by a hard kick is a rare and unusual phenomenon. However, it can occur due to the sudden and intense pressure exerted on the abdominal area. This pressure can cause the stomach to expand and fill with air, leading to feelings of bloating and discomfort.

    Causes of Bloating Caused by a Hard Kick:
    Sudden and intense pressure on the abdominal area can cause the stomach to expand and fill with air, leading to bloating.
    The kick can also cause the muscles in the abdominal wall to contract, which can lead to the release of gas and bloating.
    In some cases, the kick can also cause the diaphragm to contract, which can lead to the release of gas and bloating…

    Donations for that? NO.
    Dear Kimbo, rest in peace from now on.

  2. Having worked in law enforcement for 18 years (and doing extensive research confirming that horrific treatment of K9s -behind the scenes – is standard in all K9 units), I’m very familiar with these kinds of deaths, and how the perpetrators plead ignorance of the cause.

    It is a fact that many more K9s die at the hands of their handIers than are killed by ‘suspects’ (or, in the miIitary, by ‘enemies”). Why doesn’t the public know this? Because it was successfully kept hidden before cell phone cameras came on the scene, and since then the media smooths over any Ieaked videos by saying “one bad appIe.” Yes, the media helps Iaw enforcement with censorship and disseminating propaganda.

    I haven’t been abIe to put links here, but if anyone is interested, please inquire at Stop K9 Torture (dot com), and information, links to arcticles and videos can be supplied.

  3. you have to wonder how this happened. torsion of an organ or twisting is not normally something that just happens. could something have led to it. we will never know for sure. sad to lose such a beautiful dog. they are an amazing breed. RIP Kimbo



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