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Sheriff’s Deputies Rescue Puppy Thrown From Car By Carjacking Suspects

Ramsey County, MN – On Monday night, a puppy was saved by Ramsey County sheriff’s deputies who were in pursuit of carjacking suspects. According to a news release from the agency, the suspects refused to stop for the police, and they were driving the wrong way on Interstate 694.

While deputies tailed the stolen car, a door was opened and something was thrown onto the roadway. The sheriff’s office described what happened:

As deputies followed the suspects, the passenger’s side back door quickly opened. A deputy yelled, “Watch for a gun!” and quickly positioned themselves and their squad out of the line of fire.
From the open door, the suspects threw something out of the stolen vehicle. A white object hit the freeway and rolled into the lanes of traffic.

Using a pursuit intervention technique, the deputies were able to stop the stolen vehicle; two suspects fled and two remained in the vehicle.

Thanks to an in-car camera, the deputies were able to determine that the object thrown out of the vehicle was a puppy. The agency said:

Deputies launched a search effort and found the puppy, alive and hiding in the snow. He was located along the side of the freeway about 50 yards from where he was thrown from the stolen vehicle. Deputies rushed him to an emergency veterinarian.

The pup, dubbed Taho, had a broken leg and other injuries but is expected to survive.

The agency said:

Taho will remain in the custody of the Sheriff’s Office and be fostered by one of our dog-loving employees.

The sheriff’s foundation is raising funds to help pay for the puppy’s veterinary costs. You can learn more about donations at this link.

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  1. i pray this will be a foster fail…. he’s gonna be a very spoiled dog and hope he recovers fully…. bless the officer’s that found him and took him in….

    • Should be officers, not officer’s. An apostrophe is only used when two words are combined. Officer’s actually means “officer is”. I’ll get a lot flack for this, but this mistake is increasingly common and really glaring.

    • What they should be doing is getting these abusers off the streets! This is only going to get worse until every possible case gets arrested with Judges giving REAL TIME. PUNISH THESE MONSTERS EVERY TIME WITH THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW

  2. I cant even look at that story. Those cops had best arrested this POS scum bag!!! Did they?? If they stopped for the puppy, they could have had the plate and throw them in jail and lose the key!! THIS CANT GO ON! These POS monsters MUST BE ARRESTED AND PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTNE OF THE LAW!! DAMN IT…..ARE YOU THAT MUCH AGAINST THESE PUPS??I WANT TO KNOW WHY OFFICIALS DONT ENFORCE THE LAWS AND JUDGES ONLY SLAP THIER HANDS??? DISPICABLE!!! PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARRESTED THE MONSTER!!



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