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Sheriff’s Department Rescues Over 40 Dogs From ‘Puppy Mill’ Operation

Crown Point, Indiana – A 41-year-old man is being questioned after more than 40 dogs were discovered in two properties in Indiana. According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, detectives received an anonymous tip about a man who had been purchasing unusually large amounts of dog food and medical supplies used for animals.

Search warrants were served at a home in Crown Point, and a barn in Rensselaer. Deputies discovered four dead dogs, and multiple dogs, in various states of health, at the two locations.

Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr. said:

As a person who loves pets, I am appalled at the treatment of these animals. We’re investigating allegations the person running this operation may have been illegally performing surgery on some of the animals, as well. I’m pleased that our detectives were so diligent with following up on leads in this case.

Lake County Animal Adoption & Control is caring for the dogs and veterinary experts are assessing their health.

The investigation is ongoing.

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  1. Dog breeders are evil greedy people and they must be brought to justice!! This sickening business must be shut down!!

  2. Dog breeders see them only as cash cows; instead of working for a living they keep dogs in cages and make them churn out “product.” They only pretend to love the dogs when a customer comes by to check out the merchandise. People will say “oh, some really to love them!” But do they? Bringing them into THIS world, for $$? Especially while countless dogs die horribly every day due to their being “surplus”? No one wants that sort of “love.” I hope this guy is made to suffer as all of “his” dogs suffer(ed).

  3. Jail time isn’t enough to keep abusers from doing inhumane acts against poor innocent animals. It’s a shame we can’t use the phrase “An eye for an eye” in these cases! POS needs to suffer!

  4. That horrible monster needs to he put in jail for the rest of his rotten life!! I’m glad the dogs were rescued.

  5. The reason these “puppy mills” aka prisons of torture exist is because the people who run them end up with a slap on the wrist and a small fine. Until there are actual consequences for these criminals and overall despicable human beings it will continue to be status quo.

  6. Exactly as Elizabeth Wilson stated prior!! These monsters deserve nothing less than death when they torture and abuse animals! They’re no good in our society and will do more harm if politicians and judges don’t take more strategic action to this psychopaths!!! Lock them up no food let them die slowly! They’re dangerous and it’s humans fault if they aren’t punished or put to death!!

  7. Now that the detectives did their jobs beautifully the politicians need to do theirs and lock this crumb up and make sure he don’t own a potted plant going forward.

  8. This 41 year old jerk is disgusting and can never have ownership or access to any animal. And YES, he deserves the same treatment that he gave to the poor animals subjected to his tortuous punishment.

  9. He needs to be punished the same as he did to these dogs. No food or water for days or more. Animal abusers will not change unless they are severely punished. Eye for an eye. If they kill and torture they do not deserve life. Monsters are not redeemable. Humans have to do better. 🙏❤️😺🐶❤️🙏

    • I agree with you Elizabeth.
      And he belongs in jail for a long time
      Not just a year but no less than 15 years. Never ever to be allowed to have or be near dogs . Judges must
      Take animal abuse seriously.


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