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Shelter’s Longest Resident Adopted In Time To Spend Christmas In a Real Home

Indiana – A dog who spent months at an Indiana animal shelter has been adopted in time to enjoy Christmas in a real home. Adam was the longest resident at the Warwick Humane Society – spending 135 days at the facility.

But everything changed for the homeless dog when the Weigel family decided to make him their own. Last week, his owner posted a heartwarming photo of their newly adopted dog’s first day at home:

The shelter acknowledged that Adam was starting to lose hope after being bypassed for so long:

This sweet boy was starting to lose faith that he would ever find a home of his own. We saw the light draining from his eyes as each day, he got passed over over.

And expressed joy for the good days he can expect now that he is no longer homeless:

But now, he has a family and a wild 4-legged sister to romp with! We are so excited for this handsome boy and wish him a lifetime full of love! Congrats, big guy! 💙

Enjoy your wonderful new life Adam!!

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  1. I am so glad this dog was adopted and got his new home!! I wish him, his sidekick, and the family a Merry Christmas and a lot of love from the dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. He looks like a hazel-eyed flaxen-blonde angel. He sure had to wait a long time for his new family to come get him, so I hope they’re his forever loved ones and that his life is wonderful through to the end…same as I pray for all dogs and other animals.



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