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Shelter Works To Save Cat Stabbed In The Head With Pliers

Indianapolis, IN – Veterinary staff at an Indiana animal shelter saved the life of a cat who was stabbed in the head with needle-nose pliers. According to Indianapolis Animal Care Services, someone found the cat with the tool embedded in her head and they rushed her to their facility for care.

A veterinarian was able to remove the pliers from her skull and during the surgical procedure, he could see that the pliers barely missed her brain and optic nerve. Thanks to the prompt care, the cat is expected to make a full recovery and her eyesight has been spared.

The shelter said that the cat has been adopted by a member of their medical team.

Donations to the shelter’s emergency care fund can be made here.

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    • The vile and evil lowlife psycho monster who deliberately and heinously stabbed an innocent and helpless Cat in their head with Pliers must be caught and tortured to death.
      Eradication from our Planet is a must of this vile and evil lowlife human monster before this vile an evil bastard monster deliberately and heinously tortures another precious and innocent animal (sentient Being). Kill the vile and evil bastard!!!

  1. It does not allude to any pending arrests in this case so I hope that they are able to find out who did this(assuming it was not some freak accident) If it was intentional it is another example of the lowest of the lowest when it comes to people. Thankfully this little cat was able to be saved by the opposite example of mankind and adopted by one of the same.Happy ending. Nice!



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