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Shelter Withholds Judgment For Whoever Abandoned Dog Outside Of Grocery Store

Pierce County, WA – A Tacoma animal shelter has chosen kindness over condemnation after a dog was abandoned outside of an area grocery store. A good Samaritan found the German shepherd mix tied up outside of a grocery store last week and the dog was taken to the Humane Society for Tacoma/Pierce County.

After the dog was taken in, the shelter staff reached out to the public with the hope of reaching whoever abandoned the dog:

To this beautiful dog’s pet guardian:

We want to let you know that he is safe and being cared for by our dedicated staff. We know you left him somewhere where he would be found quickly and made sure he was secured so he wouldn’t be in danger and wandering the streets.

The agency did not pass judgment on the dog’s owner – letting the person know that they understand:

We know this decision was not an easy one to make and we are sorry you had to make it. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy. We’re not sure what unfortunate circumstances you were navigating, just know that he is in good hands.

With a special note to the community:

We are here to help. We never want anyone in our community to feel that this is their only option. We have several resources to help people and their pets stay together when possible. Our Pet Food Pantry is available to community members in need and we have a spay & neuter assistance program for those that qualify. Our Pet Support Team is here to provide rehoming resources and counseling for pet guardians working through tough issues with their pets or unfortunate situations.

You can view all of our pet rehoming resources and get in touch with our Pet Support Team here:…/surrendering-your-pet

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  1. Thank God this poor abandoned dog was saved in time….The evil owner of this poor dog should be punished, there is no excuse for dumping a precious pet like this!

  2. Sometimes things are not what they seem on the face of it. I work in feline advocacy and I know very well that many people in extreme distress are forced to relinquish their beloved family members due to their own homelessness, illness, financial crisis etc. and that they do their best to give them the very best chance they can at being rescued/rehomed where they will be able to survive and thrive.

    I believe this shelter did the best thing for the dog, and the right thing all around.

  3. There is no excuse to tie a dog to a pole and leave it! This person could have taken the dog to a shelter. The shelter is being very kind to this person by not passing judgement. No thought by the irresponsible owner about weather.shelter or whether someone comes and takes the dog and uses it as a bait dog or is attacked by another dog. Shame on them. Thank you to the person that took the dog to a shelter.



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