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Shelter Takes In Coyote Pups After Their Mom Built Den Under Family’s Deck

San Diego, CA – Four coyote pups are being cared for by the San Diego Humane Society’s Project Wildlife Program after their mom built a den beneath a family’s deck in Pacific Beach. According to the animal welfare agency, the family tried to humanely deter the coyote family from their home, but they were forced to take action after the wild animals had altercations with a member of the family, and their dog.

The shelter explains:

Given the unfortunate location of the coyote den under a local home, the residents were presented with significant challenges to protect both the animals and the people involved. The resident family took steps to resolve the issue using the types of humane deterrent methods recommended by wildlife professionals. However, the family’s safety became a concern when, after leaving the animals undisturbed for the past 2 weeks, altercations occurred between the adult coyote and the family’s dog and elderly family member.

The family feared for their children, and they were unable to use their front door because of where the coyote family was living.

The agency received comments from members of the community who were upset that the pups were separated from their mother. The agency said:

While we understand the community’s concern, this healthy adult coyote will likely mate again soon and have another litter of pups to care for. If you have concerns about the coyote or would like to report sightings, please contact CDFW through their online form at


While this situation is unfortunate, it provides a valuable opportunity to educate the public about coexisting with coyotes. We appreciate the family’s effort to act in the best interest of the animals, and our community’s care and compassion for the animals and humans involved!

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