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Shelter Takes In Badly Neglected Dog After An ‘Urgent Call For Help’ Was Received For A Dog Lying On Side Of Road

Iowa – A badly neglected dog is receiving life-saving care after being taken in by an Iowa animal shelter. The senior dog, dubbed Murphy, was picked up by animal services, who received an “urgent” call for help after a dog was observed lying on the side of the road.

On February 21, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa said:

Murphy was soaking wet, his fur completely matted and pulling at his skin when an ARL Animal Services officer responded to an urgent call to help a dog found lying on the side of the road.

We could tell Murphy was a very old dog and had been suffering for a very long time.

An exam by the shelter’s medical team revealed the extent of Murphy’s suffering.

The veterinary team trimmed away Murphy’s matted, dirty fur, and his emaciated body was revealed. They could see that his nails were overgrown, teeth were missing, and he had advanced dental disease that had created holes between his mouth and his sinuses.

Murphy is free from his painfully matted fur, his nails have been trimmed, he has been bathed and he is warm, clean, and well-fed. Nobody knows how much time he has left, but he is safe and will be cared for as long as he is alive.

Donations are accepted at this link to the shelter’s website.

(Images Animal Rescue League of Iowa Facebook page)

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