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Shelter Takes In Adorable Puppies Found Tied To A Light Pole

Seattle, WA – A Seattle animal shelter has taken in two adorable puppies who were found tied to a light pole. Seattle Humane dubbed the duo Harry and Lloyd and shared a video of them as they were wheeled to their respective kennels at the shelter facility.

The goofy pair garnered a great deal of interest from the public – by some who were captivated by their good looks, and others who were upset that they were separated in the facility.

On Sunday, the shelter addressed those who criticized them for separating the pups, writing:

We typically house puppies separately at a certain age, and definitely when they’ve reached 5 months and are as large as Harry and Lloyd. What further prompted the cessation of their cohousing was their aggressive play style, which some compared to Monday Night RAW. It would be an incredible strain on resources to monitor these two around the clock and, now that they are recovering from surgery, it is even more imperative that they remain rested and do not physically exert themselves, especially against each other.

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The upside…one pup (Lloyd) already has an adoption pending, and the shelter has high hopes that Harry will be adopted soon as well.

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