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Shelter Seeks Special End-Of-Life Home For Senior Husky, Archie

Kansas City, MO – A Kansas City animal welfare agency is seeking a special end-of-life home for a senior dog named Archie. According to the KC Pet Project, the 10-year-old husky has terminal cancer.

On Monday, the agency described the situation:

Archie is a very sweet 10-year-old Husky who was surrendered to our shelter due to a growing mass on his abdomen that had become too large for the owner to manage. Our vet clinic staff removed the mass, only to find that unfortunately, Archie has cancer and that cancer has spread to his lungs.

Archie’s cancer diagnosis means that he likely does not have much time left, but the organization wants to ensure that his final days are spent in a home, with someone who loves him.

The shelter said:

He has a very sweet temperament and above all else, just needs love, love and more love.

If you are interested in helping Archie, you can message KC Pet Project on Facebook here, or call (816) 683-1383, or email:

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