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Shelter Seeks Home For Shepherd Surrendered Because She Barked At Owner

Update 5/20/2024: Adoption pending!

East Haven, CT – A young German shepherd named Dakota recently lost her home after a strange incident that scared her owner. According to the East Haven Animal Shelter, Dakota barked at her owner one night and it scared them…enough to give her up.

The shelter said:

This is Dakota.🐾❤️🐾 She was surrendered by her owners late one night because she barked at her owner and scared her.😞😞 This is why you should research a breed before you get one.

Dakota is a good girl who was misunderstood by her owners. The shelter outlines her many attributes, writing:

Dakota is a 1.5 year old spayed German Shepherd. She is super sweet and is from a house with kids and is very good with them. She’s good with other dogs (a meet and greet is required) and curious about cats but is scared of them.

Some people are cut out to own a German shepherd…and others are better suited to golden retrievers. Dakota needs to find a German shepherd owner – someone familiar with the breed and comfortable with the traits that make them among the most popular breeds owned in America.

German shepherds are devoted, intelligent, highly trainable, protective, and agile. Please help Dakota find someone who can appreciate all of her wonderful qualities.

The shelter says that Dakota has a limp and they are trying to determine why. If you’re interested in adopting Dakota or would like to donate towards her medical care call East Haven Animal Shelter at 203-468-3249.

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  1. some people are idiots. dogs will bark at you for many reasons most are all innocent. they want to play or want attention. i have owned shepards and a belgian for many years. they are smart and will take control of a situation if you let them. they are also very loving and protective of people they love. they will bark at you as a way of communicating nothing more. believe me if this dog was aggressive they would have known about it very quickly. i hope someone adopts this beautiful dog who understands her.

  2. Dakota is so beautiful…she needs people who really deserve to have a dog. I pray that her perfect family comes for her and keeps her safe and loved forever. Same prayer for all dogs.

  3. Defining an animal by a breed is a disservice to everyone. We are all products of our environment.

  4. Dakota is one beautiful Dog — by the way, Dogs bark — this is how they communicate — the bigger the Dog, usually the bigger the bark — I hope Dakota gets loving People.



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