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Shelter Saves Mother Opossum Shot With Arrow While Carrying Tiny Babies

Pasadena, CA – An opossum who was shot with an arrow has been saved thanks to a good Samaritan and Pasadena Humane. According to the animal welfare agency, a concerned community member reached out to them to report an opossum with a “stick” protruding from her body.

Injured possum via Pasadena Humane

An animal control officer rushed to the scene and found the injured opossum with seven tiny babies. The agency said:

Desperate for help, the mama and babies were carefully transported to Pasadena Humane, where our Wildlife team jumped into action. The babies were placed in an incubator while mama was rushed into emergency surgery.

Via Pasadena Humane

The opossum family was discovered in the nick of time. The rescue organization said, “Our skilled veterinarians were able to remove the arrow and surgically close the wounds. Luckily, the shot had missed her lungs and other vital organs. Mama has been reunited with her babies in our Wildlife Center, where she is recuperating in an oxygen kennel.”

Though the surgery was a success, the opossum is not completely in the clear yet. The agency is hopeful that she will make a full recovery. You can make a donation towards her care at this link.

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  1. Only a freak would inflict pain on others. Only a mentally ill person or a psychopath would cause deliberate trauma onto others.Lets hope the individual who acted emotionally retarded won’t have children. Yikes for those poor children.

    • sad there is so much animal cruelty in the world anymore 🌎
      What has happened to society
      All life is precious and care is needed for all living things
      not just humans
      God help us πŸ™

  2. Thank goodness this little mama was saved and is healing. How anyone could hurt an innocent animal is disgusting and inhumane!



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