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Shelter Reaches Out To Public To Find Owner Of Cat Burned In Wildfire

An animal shelter in Colorado reached out to the public last week in an effort to locate the owner of a severely burned cat who managed to survive the devastating wildfires that started in late December, destroying huge areas of Boulder County.

In a Facebook post, the Humane Society of Boulder Valley explained that the cat suffered serious injuries in the Marshall Fire that ravaged the area. The animal welfare agency said:

This sweet orange tabby arrived at HSBV, suffering from severe burns after the Marshall Fire. After a few visits with our partners at local emergency veterinary clinics, he was transferred to us for specialized treatments and extended care.
His face and paws were extremely burned, and our compassionate veterinary team quickly began treating him for the burns, cleaning his wounds and ensuring his pain is well-managed.

The shelter believed that they knew who the injured cat belonged to, but as the cat continued to heal, and his features became more identifiable, the family determined that he was not their missing cat. The agency said that they have run into brick walls as they continue to search for his owners, writing:

We have cross-checked the lost cat reports, spoken to many hopeful guardians, and have unfortunately not yet been able to find his family.

Requesting help from the public:

Now, we need your help! Do you know someone who is missing a neutered male, approximately 8-year-old orange tabby from the fire-affected area who has not filed a lost animal report with us? Help us reunite this sweet boy with his family!

If you recognize this cat, or simply want to follow his story, you can find the Humane Society of Boulder Valley at this link to Facebook.


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  1. SHARING for this survivor with *Prayer* love and hope. URGING everyone who reads this to do the same, on all of your socials. Thank you.

  2. is that the cat of the people or not is the question. Are they denying it and if so, it is cruel and loathsome. (Call me cynical).I have to hope they are not lying. The poor cat survived (thanks to the shelter) and it is an added injury to not have a home to go to. I live in Vermont so surely do not know where his people are or if he has any. I hope he finds some people to be his family soon.


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