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Shelter Pup Is Horribly Neglected At Just One Year Of Age

Gardena, CA – A young dog has been so horribly neglected in her year of life that she is a disheveled mess. The year-old dog was taken in at the Carson Animal Services facility on February 26 and it is clear that she has not received the care she needs and deserves.

At the shelter, the pup was groomed, and she looks like a new dog now that the matted, dirty fur has been trimmed away.

May be an image of dog

Now it is time for this pup to be adopted by a loving person who wants nothing more than to spoil her. Please help her find that person by taking a moment to share the adoption information listed below:

Located At: Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson
Description: I am described as a female, white Poodle – Miniature.
Age: The shelter thinks I am about 1 year old.
More Info: I have been at the shelter since Feb 26, 2024.

Shelter information
Location: Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson
Phone Number: (310) 523-9566
Address: 216 West Victoria Street
Gardena, CA 90248

Note: Please direct all inquiries about this dog to the shelter facility. Animal Victory has no affiliation with this dog or this facility.

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  1. What a little angel she is! I only wish I could have her, and every other homeless dog out there. We have 4 rescues already for several years and can take no more. Any good people near Carson who have a “vacancy” in their home surely should be proud to have this little dog as a family member.

  2. What a pathetic excuse for a supposed human being! Society is a disgrace anymore and going to hell at a rapid speed.



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