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Shelter Provides Update Following Intake Of 131 Dogs

Iowa shelter updates followers about the 131 dogs taken in three weeks ago.

Iowa City, IA – The Iowa City animal shelter that took in 131 surrendered dogs three weeks ago has provided a much-anticipated update. According to the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center, the dogs are feeling “a lot of relief” and they are in “good spirits.”

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Shelter updates Facebook fans about the 131 dogs who were surrendered 3 wks ago

The dogs have undergone amazing transformations thanks to kind groomers who carefully washed and clipped away filthy, matted fur.

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A deluge of support from local businesses, groups, and individuals that donated supplies, money, and time, helped the shelter care for the masses of dogs that arrived in August.

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The shelter said that adoption applications are being processed. You can learn more, and follow the shelter at this link to Facebook.

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