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Shelter Praises Senior Dog Who Bit Off Snake Head To Save Volunteer

A Florida animal shelter is praising the efforts of a senior dog named Chuck, who recently bit off the head of a venomous snake to save a volunteer. The Panhandle Animal Welfare Society shared Chuck’s heroics in a Facebook post on Tuesday, explaining what happened:

Chuck is not a “player.” He’s a laid back 11-year-old. Toys are not his thing anymore. So we were surprised Sunday when he started “playing” with something in the yard. Surprise turned to panic when we quickly realized it was a venomous snake. He bit its head off to protect a volunteer, and it bit back while being swallowed.

Unfortunately, Chuck did not escape the encounter unscathed. The snake managed to bite the 11-year-old dog before being killed, and Chuck has been struggling ever since. The shelter writes:

It’s been touch and go. Two rounds of antivenin! He’s doing better, but doesn’t want to eat. One of our caring volunteers just brought a variety of home-cooked snacks as enticement.

The shelter issued a plea for help for the four-legged canine hero:

Antivenin is expensive. Add the pain medications and antibiotics, and the vet bill is nearing $3,000.
Chuck also needs to recover in a quiet, comfortable foster home.
Can you help with the vet bill?
Can you foster? If so, email A home without kids or other pets is preferred.

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  1. CHUCKLES, you are a true hero and the epitome of unconditional love!!!!!!!!! May blessings pour down on you and I pray 🙏 you get better ❤️‍🩹 fast. You are sooooo brave!!!!! I love you 🥰!!!!!!!!

  2. I hope someone good will take this precious boy in and treat him kind, he deserves that plus more! We have 6 cats so not good place here but please, make sure the person is right and loving and won’t abuse this poor dog!!

  3. Thank you for the story I am so sorry to hear that Chuck has been severely injured by the evil that was in that snake. He is a lifesaver and deserves a fighting chance in a great rest of his days.
    Is there any updates on his health and foster /adoption ??

  4. I read in their updated post that Chuck is doing great. He is now in the care of a loving foster family so he can get the rest & care he needs.

  5. This the same dog that tried to kill me his name is not chuck well u can change the name but not the dog his name is choco him along with another dog attack me and tried to kill me I have all the proof about this dog before it had come to this shelter the shelter lost my paper work so I could never put the dogs to sleep this dog has tasted human flesh more then once trust he will do it again



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