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Shelter Names Cat ‘Buoy’ After He Was Saved From A Sinking Boat

West Palm Beach, FL – A Florida animal shelter named a friendly cat Buoy after the feline was saved from a sinking boat. The cat would up at the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control after being saved.

Melanie Perazzo, with the animal shelter, tells WPTV News:

“Buoy is 7 years old, and he was actually rescued from a sinking boat. He was actually abandoned on this boat, and luckily enough somebody noticed him and the coast guard was able to pick him up, save him, and bring him to us.”

The shelter was hoping to secure a loving home for the rescued cat, and they were met with success!

On Thursday, the agency let Facebook followers know that Buoy was adopted.

Stay safe sweet meow!

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  1. That is the cutest little animal in the world 🌍 let the baby, get re-homed or get a home 🏡 with family ❤️ that’s going to accept orca please she’s just a baby kitten 🐾 who needs to be very much loved 😍 and she’s adorable wish I could adopt her I already have a kitty 🐈 cat and my mom and I live in a small place it’s not like we have a house 🏡 with a yard and backyard for the kitty 🐈 cat orca to just pay around and be and get lots and lots of love ❤️😽😽..kitty 🐈 kisses 😚😘 orca wish you well ❤️‍🩹 love ❤️ forever ♾️

  2. What a terrible previous owner, the ships is sinking and he takes off and leaves the cat to drown, that’s absolutely HORRIBLE!!!! I am so happy biyou was saved and is now in the care of a new loving family, enjoy your new life sweet boy.

  3. What a ass leaving a cat on the boat to die? The owner of the boat or whoever put the cat on the boat needs to be arrested and charged with animal cruelty. Someone should tie up the person that did this to a post on the beach at low tide so he or she could drown when the tide comes in.

  4. The former cowards (oh sorry owners) who left this poor cat on that sinking boat to drown. I hope you didn’t make it to shore!! It shows that you were only interested in saving your own ass. I don’t think it was the cat’s idea to get on the boat with you to begin with. And you left him there to drown .. you Heartless pricks! Glad “Buoy” was found, saved … and got a loving home in the process. TY to the person who saw him (and let the CG know) .. also to the Coast Guard, The Palm Beach County Animal C & C and of course Buoy’s new parents!!!

  5. Wonder who the assholes were that abandoned the cat- would love to throw these pricks overboard,no life preserver out in the middle of the ocean and see how they like it. People’s lack of compassion for their so called “pets” never fails to shock me when they abandon them like this or move and leave them behind. So glad this little cat was spotted and saved.Wish the best for him but the worst for his for,er owners.

  6. So glad that Buoy got a new safe living home. He deserves the best. The new home is very blessed to have him. 🙏🇺🇸❤️😺


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