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Shelter Hopes To Find People To Host A Homeless Shelter Pet For A Holiday Sleepover

An animal shelter in Pennsylvania is hoping to find people in their area to open their homes to shelter pets this holiday season. On Monday, the Animal Rescue League of Berks County announced their Home for the Holidays sleepover program for homeless shelter pets.

This year, brighten the holiday season by hosting a sleepover for a homeless shelter pet who’d love to enjoy all the tidings of the season with you! Interested families can apply to take home with them an adoptable pet on December 23rd and host for as many nights as they wish throughout the holiday break.

Each pet selected for a holiday sleepover will be accompanied by a “suitcase” filled with all the supplies needed for their stay. According to the shelter, the foster family will also receive help and support from the shelter staff team to ensure that the foster family and hosted pet enjoy a “holly jolly time together.”

The temporary holiday fostering program offers pets more than a fun escape from shelter life – it also provides shelter staff with greater insight into the cat or dog’s behavior in a home setting. Knowing more about the pet’s behavior, outside of the shelter environment, gives staff important information to help place pets in the best possible situation at adoption time.

To apply, please complete an application at the shelter’s website, or email for more details.

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  1. No its not a great idea it will only stress the Animal even more !
    It take a dog 3 days just to decompres 3 weeks to know your routine 3 month to feel at home !
    Much better to donate Money and make them more comfy at the Shelter if not Adopted !!!!!

  2. I have to think this is a bad idea. A dog doesn’t understand holidays and your virtue signaling, he just knows he’s in another strange place with people he doesn’t know and it’s hectic and noisy to boot, and then he goes back to the other strange place he came from. Either bring him home for good or let him stay where he is.



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