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Shelter Hopes To Find Owner Of Severely Burned Cat, ‘Dusty’

Boston, MA – A young cat was recently rescued by an employee at a Stop & Shop in Roslindale. The woman could see that the cat was severely injured; she was able to capture him and rush him to MSPCA-Angell’s 24-hr emergency room.

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Image of Dusty via MSPCA-Angell/Facebook page

The shelter writes:

The poor sweet 10 month old cat who we are calling Dusty has wounds all over his body that are consistent with burns.

We don’t know how Dusty was injured – when it’s cold out, cats often climb under car hoods to stay warm, so it’s possible that Dusty was hurt when an engine was started by a driver who didn’t even know he was there (we recommend that people bang on car hoods before starting engines during cold weather to wake up any animals that may be hiding).

Dusty has a long road to recovery ahead of him, and one of his legs may need to be amputated, but he is in good hands. The shelter hopes to find Dusty’s owner so he can go home when he is healed. The agency writes:

We’re asking the public for help: if you or someone you know owns this cat, please call the shelter at (617)522-5055 and reference the Animal ID A439008. If no owner steps forward, we’ll place Dusty with a new loving family when he’s more fully recovered.

Donations for Dusty’s veterinary care can be made at this link.

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  1. Doubt the cat got his burns from the car engine- the cat would know enough to stay away from the hot parts of the engine to avoid injury. Probably another case of someone intentially burning the cat but thankfully a good semaritan found the cat to get it help and hopefully it will make a full recovery.Pulling for Dusty.



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