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Shelter Hopes To Find A Home For Jane, Who Has Been Waiting More Than A Year To Be Chosen

Shreveport, Louisiana – A Louisiana animal shelter is hopeful that someone will finally decide to give one of their long-term residents a home. The dog, named Jane, has been waiting at the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana for more than a year… people have applied to meet her, but nobody has made the commitment to make her part of their family.

On Wednesday morning, the animal welfare agency said:

Jane still awaiting her home for OVER A YEAR!!! Our longest resident 😭💔
Multiple applications received. Only a few approved.
3 families came to meet her. All 3 said no.

According to the shelter, Jane is good with most large-breed dogs and cats – she does not do as well with small dogs.

Jane will be six years old on March 17 – will you please help find her a forever home before her birthday?

Find the shelter’s website here. 

Address: 2544 Linwood Ave, Shreveport, LA, United States, Louisiana


Please note! All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the shelter. Animal Victory is NOT the point of contact and has no affiliation with the animal welfare agency.

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  1. IF I didn’t have four already I would take Jane in a heartbeat. I live in Baton Rouge. I hate that I can’t go get her.



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