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Shelter Dogs Treated To Special Thanksgiving Day Meals

The holidays make the plight of lonely shelter dogs all the more distressing to those who hurt for their sad predicament. But numerous shelters across the nation went above and beyond for the animals in their care on Thanksgiving.

The Idaho Falls Animal Shelter made an adorable TikTok video of pups receiving their tasty turkey.


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And the Bloomfield Animal Shelter in New Jersey created beautiful meals and tasty enrichment treats for their shelter pups, and tuna treats for the kitties. Donors helped make the meals possible. The shelter said:

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of our staff, volunteers, adopters and supporters of the Bloomfield Animal Shelter. We are grateful to have each and every one of you to care for these defenseless animals.
We had a full house in the shelter this morning to make sure all of our animals were well cared for today and every day.
Each of our dogs enjoyed home cooked chicken breast, carrots, butternut squash and rice while our cats chomped on delicious tuna courtesy of our generous donators!

In Georgia, staff and volunteers ensured that the day was special for the animals in their care. Ellijay Paws In Need wrote, “The dogs celebrated Thanksgiving at the shelter!!
Thank you to the volunteers and staff who made this possible!! 💛🧡🤎” and shared images of the festivities.

In Arizona, the feast was rolled in on carts. Pinal County Animal Care and Control shared photos of the meals, writing: 🍁🦃Thanksgiving enrichment for the Pinal County animal care and Control shelter pups🧡🧡

Similar scenes of heartwarming love and compassion played out at multiple animal welfare agencies across the nation. Thanks to everyone who helped brighten the day for the sheltered animals!

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  1. It’s great to see animals getting real food (which is what dogs and cats ate before some clever marketing guy invented “dog food”). I’m sure they appreciated that.

    It would be great if the public was sufficiently educated to demand an end to Big Pharma’s control over the animal jails, so that people don’t get pre-poisoned pets. Having thoroughly researched the subject, I rescued from outside the impounds for decades, but then someone talked me into taking an emaciated dog out a few years ago..

    The pound vet injected this already immunocompromised dog with every poison shot developed for canines, and then added insult to injury by subjecting him to neuter surgery before I could take hime. Over the next few years we battled 3 different autoimmune conditions (hallmark of vaccinations), one of them involving blood borne cancer. His suffering got to the point that he was euthanized at 8 years of age.

    This is all too common, and most people don’t have a clue, because they haven’t looked into what the Pharma industry keeps hidden.

    Look up “Vaccinations, Cancer and Autoimmune Disease” by Stephen Blake DVM, and “The Perdue Vaccination Studies and Auto-Antibodies” (reprinted in Dogs Naturally). There is so much more, and there is actually no proof that these shots of poison prevent disease, despite the smoke and mirrors illusions created by the profiting industries.

  2. That so so beautiful that all these poor babies got to enjoy Thanksgiving God bless to each and everyone that made this possible for these poor furbabies



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