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Shelter Dog’s Hope And Despair – He Is The Forgotten Friend

Wintersville, Ohio – Every day, Rosco sits in his kennel, his eyes filled with a mix of hope and despair, waiting for someone to see beyond his energetic exterior to the gentle soul within. His spirit is breaking, and his heart is slowly withering away.

These are the words the Jefferson County Humane Society writes about a hopeful, albeit sad, dog named Rosco. According to the animal welfare agency, Rosco is losing hope as the days pass by. He is the longest resident at the shelter, waiting over 128 days for someone to take notice of his wagging tail and hopeful eyes.

Rosco is a good boy, who does well at his doggy playdates – but still nobody wants to give him a chance to be their dog’s best friend. The shelter says that he “excels at playdates with other dogs, all of whom have been adopted, leaving him alone.” Adding that Rosco knows commands like “sit” and “give paw.”

What more does Rosco need to do to earn the right to be someone’s friend? He is a good boy, a friendly boy, a smart boy – but he is losing all hope of ever leaving his current situation. The shelter says:

Even his playful nature with cats can’t hide the painful truth: the shelter, meant to be a temporary refuge, has become a heartbreaking prison. His sores and his declining spirit are clear indicators that he needs a real home, a place where he can finally heal and be loved.


Rosco’s time is running out, and his silent suffering grows with each passing day. Please, consider opening your heart and home to Rosco, before it’s too late. He needs you now more than ever.

Please share Rosco’s story. Someone out there is perfect for him. He has so much love to share.

All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the shelter. Thank you!

Phone: 740-314-5583
Facebook page here.

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