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Shelter Dog Credited With Saving Foster Mom’s Unborn Baby

Illinois – An animal welfare agency in Illinois has hailed one of their homeless dogs a hero. On May 16, Gateway Pet Guardians recounted the amazing way that Jack, a mixed breed dog, helped save his foster mom’s unborn baby. The agency explained:

It’s amazing how far dogs will go to take care of their human companions ❤ Adoptable Jack’s foster mom, Aisha recently shared that he saved the life of her unborn baby. At eight months pregnant and just after the baby turned into cephalic presentation (head-down position), Jack repeatedly started nudging his nose up under Aisha’s belly.

The intuitive dog whined while nudging Aisha’s belly, and then headed towards the car. Fearing that something was amiss, Aisha went to the hospital and there she learned that her baby’s heartbeat was low. The organization said:

Because Jack sensed and alerted her there was a problem, Aisha was able to seek medical care in time to receive treatment and continue carrying her pregnancy to term.

Jack is still waiting to be adopted. According to the rescue group, Aisha is a dedicated foster, but she is not in the position to keep Jack forever. They have indicated that there are multiple people interested in giving Jack a home:

Courtney Michelle Aisha is such a dedicated foster mama and she will have her hands full as a first-time mom. Jack has had a few meet + greets so we are confident he will land a forever home soon!

You can find Gateway Pet Guardians on Facebook here.

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