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Shelter Dog Bypassed For 8 Months Because Adopters Think He Is ‘Ugly’

Gulfport, MS – An adorable young dog has been languishing at an animal shelter in south Mississippi for eight months because potential adopters think that he is “ugly.” Staff at the Humane Society of South Mississippi adore two-year-old Chop, and they hope to find him a home sooner than later.

Days ago, the shelter explained Chop’s issue, writing:

Unfortunately, he was born with his eyes very, very far apart (he doesn’t know this). Chop has been at our shelter for more than 8 months, struggling to find a home as adopters deem him ‘ugly.’

Chop’s biography reads, in part:

If you’ve ever wanted to own a baby hippopotamus, this is your chance! Chop is a lovable and affectionate boy who just wants to be wherever you are! He gets excited when meeting new friends, but overall this boy is a professional couch potato. He has a playful streak but his napping streaks win out every time! Chop is housebroken and good with kids who are sturdy enough to stay on their feet when Chop and all his 68 lbs bumps into them. Chop will thrive in a home that wants him to be part of the family because he wants to cuddle, cuddle and cuddle some more!!

Chop is a loveable goofball who is described as “socially awkward,” and not exceptionally bright. The shelter said:

He has the memory and attention span of a goldfish, but always the best of intentions. We think he is great. Chop has gotten along with other dogs, however, sometimes he annoys them because he is not always very smart, though he really tries to not be completely socially awkward.

But this derby dog needs a real home and that will only happen if enough people see his information. You can lend Chop a hand by sharing this article. Somewhere out there is the PERFECT person for this adorable pooch.

Find the shelter’s Facebook page at this link.

Chop is currently undergoing treatment for heartworms (not contagious) through HSSM’s wellness clinic. He is neutered, microchipped, and up to date with vaccines. His adoption fee would be $35.

Chop’s adoption profile here.

Note: Please direct ALL inquiries about this dog to the shelter. Animal Victory is NOT the point of contact for Chop. The most recent, accurate, information will be provided by the shelter.

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  1. Thats bullshit! Hes adorable…..ALL dogs are beautiful…..Please dont give up. I know theres quite a few ppl who would love to adopt him. I wish I could but one of my Rotties is dog selective. I think this pretty baby deserves the best

  2. I think Chop is absolutely gorgeous, I would take him home in a heartbeat (bit of a geographical problem as I am in Melbourne Australia). I had a 70kg Bull Mastiff named Boofie who had a very similar personality and lack of intelligence to Chop, but he loved me so much and I loved him. He was loyal, loving, and so so funny. Boofie was so enormous but did not know it, he always wanted to sit in my lap (and I would let him until I lost the feeling in my legs – lol). He would do zoomies around the backyard at 100mph, and you had to get out of his way because he had no steering or braking capabilities whatsoever, but geeez it was funny to watch. Come on everyone, spread the word for sweet Chop, he will fill your life with love and laughter (just like my Boofie boy did)

  3. I have a 16 year old dog who is unsteady on his legs and while well meaning I think Chop would be a bit much for him and my cat. Ugly? I always say there is no such thing as an ugly dog and I wish I could say the same for people (and I do not mean their outsides). I wish I could give Chop a home though my dogs tend to come when they are older-the present one, Andre, came at 14 1/2 years old. I truly hope people will not overlook this very handsome dog and give him the loving home he deserves.


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