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Shelter Crisis Continues As Unwanted Dogs Flow Into Packed Facilities

There is a shelter crisis underway in America and there seems to be no end in sight. Unwanted pets are flooding shelters from coast to coast – and adopters seem to have vanished.

On Tuesday, Rita Earl Blackwell, a woman who volunteers her time photographing and videotaping homeless dogs in southern California, posted a video of the crowded conditions at the Lancaster Animal Shelter.

She writes:

It’s no joke. Dogs continuing to flow in (about 20-30 a day on average here) and adoptions aren’t even close. Dogs are doubled and tripled up in kennels built to just house one. It’s so fucking sad,’so fucking overwhelming. Staff and volunteers plugging away – doing their best to get these dogs out alive. And devastated by what it’s become.
Sadly the new norm here. Great dogs are dying for space.

Imploring viewers to share the video and her post. Imploring people NOT to bash the shelter staff. Imploring people to choose to help and not turn a blind eye to the crisis.

This isn’t just happening in California. It is happening across the nation and highly adoptable, great dogs are dying as a result.

Please consider adoption if you are looking for a new companion. Please consider fostering if you are not able to add a pet to your life right now. Please network homeless pets as often as you can.

The dogs that are shown in this video have until the end of the day on April 13. After that time, they will be destroyed, through no fault of their own.

LANCASTER Animal Care Center is about 1 hour out of Los Angeles. So worth the trip to meet an amazing dog. They are OPEN DAILY from 2 – 5 p.m.

Need more info ☎️ (661)940-4191


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  1. Absolutely devastating what is happening. My heart aches beyond 💔 words. Thank you to the wonderful staff I will keep sharing.. God bless thier beautiful souls😨💔

  2. If you or anyone allows these shelters as they are called, POUNDS is what I call them, they are not a true shelter that keeps dogs until they are adopted, continue with the disgrace of killing animals!! Perfectly good, intelligent, loving, dogs HAVE A SOUL!!! DO you hear that POUND, you are killing an animal but it has a SOUL, just like humans!! The only difference is that the dog is more intelligent and cannot speak words!!! TAKE the RIGHT TO KILL a dog away from the pounds and shelters that can kill!!! PUT it into the hands of a GOOD VET, the only one that can put a dog down because it has a disease that cannot be cured or is in the process of dying!!!! PLEASE SOMEONE PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Unfortunately the shelters, or pounds as you say, do not have unlimited space and employees to care for the animals that keep pouring in. Where should they all be kept? There are no easy answers.

      • Killing beautiful innocent animals shouldnt be the answer. They don’t deserve it. Going no kill, spay/ neuter , more money, bigger/ better shelters.just to name a few solutions. Human population is too much but we don’t kill them. They shouldn’t be either



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