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Shelter Creates Fundraiser After Dog Throws Himself An Epic Late-Night Party

Colby County, AL – An Alabama animal shelter has created a fundraiser to help cover damages they sustained after a shelter pup named Titan threw himself an epic, late-night party.

According to the Colby County Animal Shelter, Titan, a husky, destroyed several items in the shelter’s lobby and delayed the facility’s opening. The animal welfare agency said:

We will have a slight delay this morning due to a Husky throwing a party last night in the lobby. Front desk computer is destroyed along with files and paperwork.

Titan did not want to party alone, the shelter said:

He somehow let 2 dogs out in the back also. So we have a big mess to clean up.

The adorable, albeit naughty boy, is in search of a home, and the shelter is hopeful that someone will spring him from doggy jail:

Titan is looking for someone to bust him out of doggy jail after his late night shenanigans and party for 1! He is such a sweet dog, unless you are paper products 🤪

Interested in helping the shelter bounce back from Titan’s party?

If you’d like to donate to his bill for damages accrued overnight, you can send it to the shelter PayPal friends and family @


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  1. Young dogs of particular breeds don’t do well in jail. This pup needs a rural address with lots of space to run and explore and play.

    • It’s better than being killed. Shelters don’t always have the luxury of doing everything that a dog or other abandoned animal needs. Instead of criticising, how about you do something positive? And it’s a misconception that dogs need a big space. They need exercise – that can be in a park or anywhere.

      • Yes, being alive in a shelter is better, but putting that dog in a cage is NOT the best place for him!! I would also ask for a volunteer to take him home in a place that is nice and large and CAGED in!! That is not too much to ask!! And it is NOT a misconception that dogs need a big space either, because in parks around other animals they can get into fights, get diseases, and get stolen, easily!! I like to have my dog near me at home and the gates locked!! Why make it easy for anyone to intrude and steal or let the dog out??????

        • It’s not too much to ask, but shelters all over are regularly begging for people to foster animals. I foster for mine and it’s the same dogs on the foster list week after week. I don’t agree with euthanizing for space but as long as we allow breeding and buying and people don’t step up to do the work necessary to save them, this is what happens.

  2. EXACTLY why shelter dogs needs walks & playtime AND why shelters should be more open to volunteers. There are some really awesome volunteers out there- walking & training the dogs, as well as photographing them to share on social media.

  3. This really sweet Husky was bored & neglected & company love was denied him. He then threw a party of one since his love starvation was escalating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He needs comfort & human tolerance as he was getting no fun in being loved which is something he carved! Hope he gets the understanding also he was denied of! Hope the right person ready to love & provide for this angel really will open a new world of orderly life & chaos will be gone!!! I bet with love & soft music & perhaps a companion for him he will blossom for sure in love & non chaos!!!!

    • What makes you think this pup was ‘…neglected & company love was denied him’? I’m sure this shelter was doing everything that it could with probably limited budget and staff. Most shelters are bulging at the seams. I sincerely hope that you are a volunteer!

  4. God all you people pontificating about this issue! Think about the bigger picture. Shelters are struggling because so many people got dogs thru the pandemic – they are now at capacity in a lot of instances.

    Stop criticising and donate if you feel that strongly. Seriously!

    This was meant to show something that would make all of us realise that these guys need help. Do you think the shelter doesn’t know what dogs need?

    Get off your high horses and do something useful.

  5. I’ve had a few dogs who did things like that after they first arrived to my home. They’re confused and don’t know what’s going to happen to them. It’s not their normal behavior, and over time, once they realize they are in their forever home and will be loved and cared for, they stop it. What a shame about the destruction. I will chip in.



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