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Shelter Addresses Unknown Owner Of Cat Left In Donation Bin, Expressing Gratitude And Compassion

Grand Rapids, Michigan – Staff at the Humane Society of West Michigan has publicly addressed the person who left their cat in the shelter’s donation bin. The shelter did not shame the person for leaving their cat at the facility – they expressed compassion and gratitude, writing:

To whoever left their cat in our donation bin today,
We’re so sorry that you had to leave behind your beloved pet today, and we’re sure this was a very hard decision to make. Your kitty is beautiful, and it’s clear that you loved her. You made sure she was out of the elements and safely tucked inside of her carrier. You even left us a bag of her favorite litter to make sure we knew what type she likes.

Describing the cat as a “chunky lady with gorgeous, soft fur,” signs that she has been well cared for. The cat opened up quickly to the staff, asking for pets and affection, and showing them that she was treated with kindness in the life she shared with her former owner.

The shelter is hopeful that someone who knows the cat will contact them, and let them know about her likes and dislikes:

If you, or anyone who knows your cat would be willing, we’d love it if you’d reach out to us to tell us her name, her likes and dislikes, whether she has any specific medical needs, and any other information that could help us find her the perfect furever home. We know that surrendering a pet is a difficult process, but we will always try to make accommodations for emergency situations.

With a final assurance that the cat will be taken care of in the future:

We’re sure that saying goodbye today was hard, but we’re grateful that you trusted us enough to leave your cherished cat in our care. We’d like you to know that we’re going to provide her with all of the love and care she needs until she begins the next chapter of her life, whatever that may be.
All of us at Humane Society of West Michigan 🐾

If you are unable to keep your pet because of health or financial reasons, please reach out to a shelter near you to see if they have resources to help.

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  1. What a heartbreaking decision to make- can’t begin to imagine the feelings of the owner having to do this, but at least they did the right thing and brought the cat to a place where they knew it would be taken care of.Can’t understand though why they did not bring the cat in person but perhaps they were too embarrassed to admit they could no longer afford to treat a medical condition the cat had and didn’t want it to go without treatment.Sad situation but at least the cat is in a happy place and hopefully adjusts without its owner.



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